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Catspaw Studio

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Faith Hagenhofer has been a fiber artist/feltmaker for 25 years, and a shepherd for about 15. She has exhibited widely around the United States. In Faith’s work there’s a through-line exploring diasporatic and global movements of people and Peoples. A large part of her motivation to work with sheep came from her craft practices. In the last decade Faith further refined both her palette and practice, using plant dyes- many from her farm-- as the way to color her work.

As a first generation American she spent childhood on Staten Island, immersed in New York City’s multilingual/multicultural life. She later found her own ground in Washington State. Her early work investigating immigration and emigration showed her that an emigrant’s experience has the possibility of offering hope with replanting. “Successful rerooting has, for me, been a recurrent project of working with the place I have chosen; raising sheep  and finding local color have truly grounded my hopes.”

Park City's Spiro Arts Center (2010)
this land
sink or swim
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